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Verse 1
If those niggas on horses
Then I aint here tho
Each time I toke I send smoke signals
Clarance is bringing it since what and 70
BX official , amnesiacs remember me
No, not one but 3 billion chicks
BX niggas Captain Caveman-ish
Mary Jane Cloud, 3X label beer
Slam her backbump like neighbors can’t hear
Taking there, no mental care, or a way back here
In underwear, looking under there
Clarance shockwave toilet bowl
You circle a bit and go down dark hole

You only Drymouth, non spittin
You better get the getting

Verse 2
Non continuate, you drymouth, non spittin
Atmosphere reconfigurate, get the getting
I parachute in to Kaboomahstan
Proceed with plan like Discovery Survivorman
Got your attention so battle half won
Underestimate empire of the son
Arms over eyes, can’t see it head on
Jigsaw serious, wrong answer, dead wrong
soulSIDIOUS, Clarance Boddyker
MAKKROSS, got your headnod, like cult member

2000 – 2016

Lyrics By Clarance Boddyker

Copyrighted Makkross.

Take care.

Have a nice day…

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