Today I started the first day of my Ration Challenge. I cooked Flat Bread before heading off to the SHort+Sweet Auditions inwhich I’ll be directing another one of Greg Gould’s plays.
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« spacetime » (whitecube)
By airtone
featuring gurdonark, SackJo22
By BOCrew
featuring J.Lang / ThedeepR / BOCrew
« Dawn Of Time: Morning Cube »
By spinmeister
featuring SackJo22, Gurdonark, Grieg

my names Philip Meddows and I live in Canberra Australia. That’s the Capital of Aussie land down under. I make films and document the things I love.

I also love hearing what makes you happy and holds your interest. So don’t be shy and please take the time to tell me about yourself, because comments keep me going and I’d really like to meet you.

My channel is all about spreading love through the things that I love. Those things are Film Making, Conventions, Cosplay, Larp, Wendy Saddington, Kangaroos, Canberra Events, Vlogging, Hiking and most importantly Star trek.

Love Yourself,
Be Proud Of who you are,
and Celebrate Life.
Because you only get one.

« LOVE »
~Dyslexic Beanie

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Cannon Kiss X5 DSLR (600D)
Kogan SDXC 64GB Class 10 Card
H4n ZOom Recorder (SOmetimes)

Edited With
Adobe Premier
Adobe After Effects

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