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original Text : Oregon.

For some reason Douglas Fir is named ‘oregon’ in Australia.
The poem which grew out of a ideas I had while chopping wood, was shortlisted for the Lane Cove Literary Award and subsequently published.


douglas firs were felled to build vancouver.
perfectly suited to climate and soil type,
later replanted as hedges.

you see them in shaughnessy
where the rich employ gardeners
to keep them short-back-and-sides.

irrupting in back gardens thrusting
skyward, an eternal quest
to re-create forest.

back here in australia
lumber becomes timber.
douglas fir rebadged oregon.

structurally sound under cover
but rotting in weather. my deconstructed
balcony repurposed as kindling

i tap with the
tomahawk and it

with this satisfying hiss
of peeling off
sunburnt skin

hits the concrete, says milk
and no xylophone or marimba
could produce a note

of such sweet

Rob walker was born in the 1950s when life was monochrome. He began writing from the age of five, progressing to “joined-up” writing soon after his promotion to the Big School. His dabbling in writing continued, penning stories, lyrics, music and even a children’s musical.

He found his interest in poetry reawakened when he was in his 40s. From the mid 1990s his poetry became more prolific and he began publishing work on fledgling internet sites, ezines, journals and collections in the UK, Ireland, US, and Australasia. rob joined Friendly Street (Adelaide’s long-running open-mike poetry collective) around 2003.

Having always been fascinated by language in its many forms, between his time as an educator in Performing Arts around Adelaide and teaching English to high school students and adults in Japan, rob has also found time to write essays, short stories, poetry reviews, co-edit a poetry anthology and produce five poetry books. His work has also been published in France and India and translated into Spanish, Arabic and Dutch.

rob enjoys collaborating with other artists (eg Max- MoZephyr Quartet and He collaborated with his sons Matt and Ben to win the 2007 & 2009 Newcastle Poetry Prize (New Media.) He retired from teaching to write fulltime and travel at the beginning of 2013.

Have a nice day…

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Beatmaker & Graphicdesigner Bocrew est graphiste de formation et musicien, après une carrière dans ce métier qui a commencé à la fin des années 90, par le design du logo du SNES, toujours d’actualité, et qui se poursuit à Tahiti dans une agence de communication généraliste en 2010, il se tourne vers la création musicale « en Studio ». Dans sa sensibilité hip hop, il crée des sons pour accompagner les acapellas qu’il trouve sur CC mixter. Il en réalise les mixages et les poste à nouveau sur le site, où on peut les écouter et les télécharger gratuitement. Ses instrumentaux sont toujours utilisés par les vidéastes pour accompagner la présentation de leur activité. On peut les découvrir par son blog « Bocrewsound » qui témoigne de son univers cosmopolite branché sur les dernières tendances. Il maitrise la typographie, la photo, la vidéo et le son ce qui en fait un partenaire idéal pour créer une identité de marque.

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