« I can Finally Call you » Emily & Thedeepr – December 2016


Have a nice day…

Emily Richards is a high-tech music executive with a colorfully successful career including 10 self-released albums and over 3 million unique downloads at MP3.com.

After nearly four years as the President of MP3tunes, Emily is now forming her own record label and in the studio recording hew 11th album, « Open » (sneak tracks can be found at http://www.tunetrack.net)

Emily’s road schedule has included 4 national tours and many highlights. Among the brightest were opening for Martina McBride during the Olympic Torch Across America celebration in Salt Lake City and being selected from 70,000 independent artists to headline the 50-city Club MP3.com Summer 2000 Tour sponsored by House of Blues. Summer ‘03, Hard Rock Café & RADD supported her west regional tour that included drunk driving presentations to high schools and colleges. For all ’04, Emily toured with Rock the Vote and AWAKE Community using her music as voice of freedom and education as well as entertainment. Each winter, Emily headlines a special concert for the National Biodiesel Board alongside Willie Nelson and others.

More important to Emily than all of her successes is her message. During the final leg of her MP3.com tour, Emily’s 19-year-old sister, Annie, lost her life to a drunk driver near her home in Utah. This tragedy reshaped Emily’s music and led her to form nonprofit AWAKE Community (www.awakecommunity.com) with guitarist Jason Brock. AWAKE has partnered with organizations like the Department of Peace Campaign, The Congressional Stop DUI Caucus, RADD, the National Biodiesel Board, Earthdance, Solfest and more to share a message of awareness and through music, art and technology.

Emily’s songs can be heard on commercial radio stations from her childhood home of Salt Lake City, Utah, to as far away as Dublin, Ireland and Bordeaux, France as well as on College Radio Stations across the US. Her CD’s are available for purchase at Amazon.com and CDBaby.com or download via iTunes.com.

Have a nice day…

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