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« We » Debby Rosenberg & Grand city Break. December 2016



looking into depths of forever
ancient memories ignite
stirring sensations
of quiver and tremble
internal passion of connection

when everything you ever were
connects with everything
of all that is and ever is to be
blending together the heart and mind

freely flowing into forms and patterns
rhythms designed within the fires
from the beginning of time
sparking embers of forever attraction

wrapped around the body and soul
as our legs and arms entwine
with affections gaze and supple spine
fingers touch the place that is

breath so close and heartbeats tandem
each movement separate
each movement one
the awakened life we become


Vibrantly quiet of
uncluttered kindness
enriched beyond experience
without her I silently retreat
disinterested in creations existence
invisible without my one, Parvati

I am Shiva

powerful masculine energy
smoldering unlimited spirit
her love awakens my fire
and drives my interdependent desire
to express our connection
as my perfect compliment


consort to god
I breathe in devotion
renew contemplation
feminine power
my eyes follow
into the place of the deep

sometimes mischievous
flirtation excitation
mysterious allure
in tranced to my source
I attract your longing
with my desire for you

fulfilled only by the
sacred union between us
my beloved Shiva, my one,
you are masculine power unleashed
you are my desire of fire and depth

Thedeepr Bocrew By Debby Rosenberg Feat Grand City Break….
Thedeepr Bocrew Have a nice day

Have a nice day…


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