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« The New year Collective » Rob Walker Poet – Patronski – KathyBrocks – December 2016

Patronski. Lyrics : 24 days Before the New Year! Here’s a spoken word to share with you all.

The New Year Collective

Tonight around the world, when the Midnight bell tolls.
The same one as last year, we are one more year old.
It will continue to sound, after we are all through.
There is no denying it, although many of us do.

Why on December Thirty-First at Eleven-Fifty-Nine
Is there so much importance for this moment in time?
Why at this time are we open to change?
Why are we willing to give up the same?

Why is it at this time each year?
We remain present long enough, to face our fears.
We feel the desire to renew.
A willingness to shed the old, for the new.

What is it about, this time of the year?
Our defenses are down and we shed more tears.
A rebirth of ourselves, where are minds are free.
To be the change we would like be.

Is there something deeper, that we are supposed to see?
A consciousness portal, that opens for you and for me.
Few hold on to this connection they make.
Intention lost, with each new day that breaks.

It is a Universal moment, this time each year.
Together we share a toast, a kiss, a wish, a cheer.
But do we appreciate the significance of this time?
The power we have with our collective state of mind.

So to all of you, my fellow souls.
Here is my wish when the midnight bell tolls.
Let us hold on to the changes we make.
And embrace the effect our collective consciousness can make.

Have a nice day…

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