« There is a gap » – Josey Howarth & The 7th Quartet. 2017.

you can listen to the track here :

There is a gap between the bedside table and the wall. A gap between the door and the frame. A little gap between the loops of the radiator, a bigger one between bed and the floor. There is a gap between night and day, and a gap between dream and wakefulness. And in every gap, she is waiting. Patiently.

Alone, in the dark, in the middle of the night, you might feel her stare from behind the wardrobe or under the sofa. You are too old to believe in these things, so with certain uneasiness you turn around and go back to sleep. She still waits. Eagerly.

Her hair is made of shadows, sometimes light and translucent, sometimes thick and impenetrable. Her skin looks gray, faded. Her eyes, pure darkness. And she waits. Ardently.

She waits for someone to look at her, to lock their eyes with her and feel some warmth. Warmth… It’s so cold here. It’s been so long since she felt some warmth. She misses being touched, feeling… something, anything. It’s so cold in the gap. So she waits. Longingly.

When you walk into a room and catch, with the corner of your eye, something moving on that little gap between the chest of drawers and the wall, don’t look at her. Don’t stare into the depths of her eyes. The first time, you will only feel some shivers down your spine and the feeling that you’ve forgotten something. The second time, she will own your dreams.

You will wake up several times during the night, unsettled, disoriented. Fear will take over, but you will not know what to fear. In the darkness of your room, your senses will be heightened and you will be able to hear her. Scratching the walls of the wardrobe. Quick little steps behind the headboard. A soft sound, similar to a human voice, whispering something unintelligible but definitely sad. And you will crave some warmth. Warmth… It’s so cold here.

The third time, you will not suffer after the third one. You will not feel anything, except the cold. The cold she feels. The cold I feel. And I will be sitting here, next to you, finally feeling some warmth. And you will understand what it means to live in the gap between all things.

By Jay Cano.

Have a nice day…

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