« May we join hands ? » Emily Richards & The 7th Quartet December 2017.

you listen to the track here :

May We Join Hands?

The world is changing.
I feel it in the mountain wind,
Taste it in the summer rain.
I saw promise in a rainbow just yesterday.

Evolution is the way of our Universe.

I’m hopeful for the first time after decades of despair
From sleep and degradation.

The vast blue-green of the ocean,
This spinning orb of land and sea
Earth, is my mother!
I dove to her depths in the bay of Ke’e
Where the reefs seem to be dying,
Trampled under foot.

We are consuming her, and slowly destroying ourselves.

I weep.

My brothers are the bears, fish and condors.
The mountains, clouds and waters, my sisters.

We take. Help us give!

The world is changing.
Glaciers melt again from an ice-age before.
Earth warms from our emissions and consumption.
Our predecessors, and their methane, are long extinct.

History is repeating.
Or, are we regenerating?

Evolution is the way of creation.

My human brothers and sisters, may we join hands?
Let us be bound in eternal friendship,
And, holding onto one another,
Take yet another giant leap for mankind
Into multi-sensory existence

46 and 2

The world is changing
I feel it surging in my heart
And taste it in the summer rain.
I saw promise in the sunrise just this morning.

Onward. Forward.

For all there is
Is now.

By Snowflake
Emily Richards

Have a nice day…

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