« Ambient » Debby Rosenberg – DJ Kenita Obe The 7Th Quartet – February 2018

dressing in white
a tropical beat
it could be Mexico
or Rio de Janeiro
a couple dances
to calypso and congas

warm flesh of
sunshine kisses
barefeet on powder sand
blush of margaritas
their bodies move
with inspiration

colored in patterns
a woman is haunted
with melancholy dreams
tribal beats of safari sound
cymbals brushed with
her swishing hemline

non sense patterns of symphony
violins weep introduction
carefully an upbeat is dusted
by instruments designed to lift
from the long tails of his jacket

sensual sway of oasis Arabian
dark eyes gaze in longing appeal
shoulders dip to musk guitar
where strings are fingered
and intricately strummed

gypsies dance within a hora
a circle writhes with piano notes
sounds overlaid by subtle accordion
perhaps it is Romania or Poland
and wine is set upon the table

Israel sings in holy wail
an aching substance of all alone
a shoulder shawl of violin
wraps to harmonize her tone

celtic plea of forgotten woe
a loves lament twas sweetly sold
a box of bellows squeezes and shifts
resembling less the romantic isle
as it rambles and struggles but never lifts

the fresh air of strings
like raindrops tinkling upon conclusion
washed in swirls of piano drones
delicate patterns of these wondrous hearts
a universal ambient in this world of sound

Debby Rosenberg ft The 7th Quartet. 2018

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