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« The Rotation » Review 2015-2016 – DJ Sailway & Thedeepr Ft Laif, Mr Jazz, Suzy Q Smith, I.Z,
While the title of the album evokes the movement of the stars, the image on the CD sleeve situates the listener in the city sky.
The titles follow in a sequence evoking love relationships.
When listening to the album, the voices meld, superpose without answering each other, soft women’s voices, those of men harsh. The piano shows the colors of sentiments, anxiety, happiness, joy. The rythmic instruments mark the heartbeat. A strong tension gives way to moments of relaxation. An appeal, an expectation, a pleasing walk along the beach, a declaration of love, “Good to see you” marks the high point of exaltation. As the music moves from one title to the next one discovers a range of feelings. The album ends with strident alarms, like a percing pain which crosses the chest, the piano notes in the background evoke the darkness.
The Deepr recomposed a story by isolating the samples that dialogue from one title to the next. The ensemble unfolds like a “hip hop” opera.


« Air Drop » Review 2014.

TheDeepr, an exceptional musician, gently raises ambient, jazzy, soul or electronic atmospheres.

Air Drop, est un album instrumentale où l’on retrouve notre Beatmaker lumineux pour nous caresser les tympans avec beaucoup de finesses et de variations.


« The Rotation » Review 2015.

Pas besoin d’être Américain même si il est Américain pour faire de la bonne musique.

Luc Crocodisc.

Have a nice day…

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